…. there was a Scribble of Children’s Authors (that’s what a group of writerly types is called, don’t you know).

A Scribble
A Scribble

They lived in and around a beautiful town called Bradford-on-Avon. They looked at the wonderful library and the marvellous bookshop, Ex Libris, and they pondered at the number of children that went to schools in the area and used the town’s facilities, and they thought to themselves:

‘Why don’t we use the schools, the library, the bookshops and ourselves to put on a MINI BOOK FESTIVAL?’

Not THAT kind of Mini...
Not THAT kind of Mini…

It seemed so obvious, what with us all living nearby and being passionate about books and getting children reading and all that. In fact, we couldn’t believe anyone hadn’t done it before.

So we got in touch with the extremely hard-working and gorgeous librarians and asked them out for coffee and cake begged and pleaded with them to allow us to use the library as a free venue.

They immediately said, ‘YES!’ (because they like being called ‘gorgeous’ and they love coffee and cake).

A gorgeous librarian
A Gorgeous Librarian

They also came up with the brilliant idea of tying in the festival with the launch of the Summer Reading Challenge.

So if you would like to meet some Real Live Authors (always much better than dead ones who, let’s face it, can be a bit stinky and green about the gills) and if you want to have FUN (who doesn’t?) doing workshops and making things and listening to stories FOR FREE then come along to Bradford on Avon library on Friday 10th July from 5pm and Saturday 11th July ALL DAY and throw yourself into the chaos.

Dead Authors
Dead Authors (who, for some reason, are at a wedding)

We guarantee you will come away wanting to read and write your own stories ALL SUMMER (which means that your parents will love us, because it will mean you are kept out of mischief for weeks and weeks).

Mischief-free Kids
Mischief-free Kids

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