With barely two weeks to go before the great event,  Maudie and I went to the Wiltshire Scrapstore to get materials for all our workshops and activities.  We had a shopping list:

Jewels and sequins for Cate Shearwater

Hat Materials for Dr Alex.

Mermaid materials for Maudie Smith

Pens, paper and more pens for Anna Wilson

Stuff to make a whole cardboard Model Village with Fleur Hitchcock

Paper of just the right weight to make crabs, and frogs, and thingummybobs with Ian Mckay.

Things to decorate a giant cake for Maudie Smith

maudie scrapstore

Of course neither of us had ever been before, and we weren’t quite prepared for the wonders inside.  The temptation to fill bag after bag with things (just in case) was almost unbearable, but we did find a giant net, fragments of small net, lots of roofs for model houses, stickers for windows, huge sheets of gold paper, huge sheets of silver paper, weird crinkly borders for things, lenses for… who knows what, balls of string for mermaid hair, paper for frogs, paper for crabs, and loads and loads of small round plastic tubes which I just know, for sure, are going to be useful.

Come along and have a go – help us fill the library with all sorts of wonderful things. The evening of Friday 10th and all day Saturday 11th July.