Weee Heee!  We’re nearly there.

Just to update you – huge piles of cardboard are waiting in a secret cupboard in the library to turn into a model village, stickers and jewels and sellotape and paper are all clustering to do workshops with Angie, Maudie and Cate.


Writing workshop spaces have nearly all gone.

Alex has a couple of spaces left to talk hard talk with those needing a little writing surgery,

Angie has spaces for little people in need of lovely stories,

Maudie has a few spaces for her morning Mermaid talk, but room for the 7+ age group who want magic and cake (winning Mix)

Cate has space left for some gymtastic bendy things.

Jeremy Strong has sold out (but there’s a reserve list)

And INCREDIBLY THERE ARE STILL SPACES FOR THE FRIDAY NIGHT PANEL EVENT!  Free and sage advice from our expert panel of writers of novels, short stories and TV scripts, chaired by Maudie Smith.

Please ring the library to reserve tickets: 01225 863280