I think this should be BOAMBF’s new motto. I cannot take credit for the words – they were spoken by Arthur Ashe, the only black man ever to win the men’s singles title at Wimbledon. YAY!


I do think it sums up our little book festival rather nicely though.

We started talking about a festival in January this year and by July we had a full programme of events, as the previous posts have illustrated.

We started where we were: authors living within a five mile radius of one another, all wanting to achieve the same thing.

We used what we had: our knowledge and expertise in varying areas of the children’s book industry; our books; our friendships with local librarians, bookshop and businesses.


We did what we could: we held workshops and author panels and discussion groups and story-telling sessions and craft activities.


And it was FUN! So this morning, we met in our secret cafe location to discuss Future Plans.

Should we have the same format as last time? Possibly, only with new content.

Should we ask more authors to come along? YES!

Should we advertise more widely? DEFINITELY YES!

Should we tie the festival in with the Summer Reading Challenge again? HELL, YEAH!


So, it looks like there will be a date for the diary soon, folks. BOAMBF is here to stay, using what we have and doing what we can to bring the best of kids’ literature fun and frolics to your local library.