blanket baby


That is actually MY blanket, Baby! by Angie Morgan and Kate Alizadeh

Published by Little Tiger (July 2017)

Remember that lovely comforting snuggly blanket you had when you were little? I know I do. I took mine everywhere until it wore out and fell apart. But what would you do if your new baby brother took a fancy to your precious comfort blanket? That’s what happens to Bella in this heart-warming story from Angie Morgan.

Bella loves her new baby brother. When he cries she does her best to cheer him up with jokes, dances and tickles. But the only thing that will do the job is Bella’s tatty old blanket. The baby isn’t interested in his smart new blanket at all. Only Bella’s will do. So resourceful Bella sets about the job of making Baby’s blanket as mucky and glittery and sticky, and as indispensable as her own.

Dealing with a familiar topic, Angie’s tale is a triumph of love over sibling rivalry. This book will be a useful and friendly addition to any household where a new baby is on the way. Complemented by Kate’s warm and characterful illustrations it’s as cosy as a comfort blanket!

Review by Minnie Festival