We’re thrilled to welcome a new and very special guest to BOAMBF this year. Neal Layton, famed for the Emily Brown books he created with Cressida Cowell is bringing his pens and pencils, his extraordinary mind AND his brilliant Tony Spears books which, just like this year’s Summer Reading Challenge, are all about SPACE!

With their exciting, funny stories and liberal scatterings of Neal’s black and white drawings these books are just perfect for relatively new readers to get their teeth into.

Want to know more about Tony’s adventures? Here’s a taster of what people have said about them.>

Book Trust Review

The always-brilliant Neal Layton brings his joyous scribbly artwork to a young fiction title that bridges the gap for blossoming readers not yet ready to take on a novel. The story zooms along, and children will adore the alien creatures.

When Tony moves house, there’s no chance he will win the Annual Best Pupil Award at his new school, as he’s had no time to earn any points. However, that becomes less important when the kitchen in his new house turns into a spaceship called The Invincible.

On planet Xo49p, instead of humans, Tony finds a pink telepathic rabbit-like creature called Plumpy, as well as a much less friendly Gatorilla.

Tony’s missions include saving Plumpy, fixing The Invincible and getting home in time for tea – but can he earn some pupil points along the way, too?

Amid all the zaniness, there’s an important message tucked in here about just trying your best.


We’re really looking forward to welcoming Neal to the Library. Find out how to meet him on July 13th here. Ooh, wonder if he’ll do this to the walls….?