Michelle Robinson is one of the UK’s most brilliant, prolific and highly respected picture book authors. True fact! We are thrilled to be welcoming Michelle back to the Festival this year. Some of you will remember her cavorting about the library with a green face and a shopper on wheels, as she and Fred Blunt wowed the audience with their book, Grandmas from Mars.

This year we expect to lose all sense of gravity as Michelle takes us into space with her wonderful story, Goodnight Spaceman.

If you’d like to find out more about Michelle do check out her many superb books and her amazing website. We lifted a bit of it to show you – hope Michelle won’t mind. Here’s what she says about the exciting journey of Goodnight Spaceman:

One of my books went to space. 
I like to mention this a lot. Wouldn’t you? Having your book read to planet Earth from the International Space Station is a pretty big deal. Nick East is the same – he illustrated the book and he never shuts up about it. He’s all. ‘Did you know one of my books went to space with ESA astronaut Tim Peake?’ Put a sock in it, East. For the record, the book we’re always banging on about is called ‘Goodnight Spaceman‘ – hey, did I tell you it went to space?

Your children can meet Michelle at 10.00am on 13th July for a FREE fun-filled session packed with storytelling and exciting facts about space. They can even make their own planets! There’ll also be the chance to buy Michelle’s book and have her sign it just for you. We’re going to ask her to bring some of her other wonderful books along too so bring your pocket money! Check out our Programme of Events and book your place.