Well, Glastonbury’s packing up and it’s time to start thinking about the next best festival of the season. Yes, it’s Bradford on Avon Mini Book Festival for Kids! Less than two weeks to go and the countdown is on!

As it’s all about space this year, what better time for a visit from that lovable troublesome alien girl, Opal Moonbaby? You have heard of Carnelia haven’t you? That’s Opal’s home planet, a place filled with sledspangles, domestipods and scoff capsules – whatever they all might be.

It’s also home to the Minmangulator, a machine that Opal used to make Garnet, her precious mingle. Wondering what a mingle is? Here’s Opal to tell you herself.

“Garnet is a mingle. He is several animals rolled into one. All their best bits have been mingled and merged together. He has the eyes of an owl, the ears and tail of a lynx, the fur of a Persian cat, the wings of a flying fox, the nostrils of a stoat and the intelligence of a pot-bellied pig. Quite the combination, don’t you think?”

Who wouldn’t want a pet like that? With a little help from Opal Moonbaby author, Maudie Smith, you can make your own wild and wonderful mingle. Design a unique and fantastic creature and start to bring it to life with the seeds of a story.

Opal Moonbaby can’t wait to drop into Earth again. She thanks her mucky stars she’s been invited to BOAMBF because she reckons it’s going to be out of this whirl!

Oh, and remember unlike Glastonbury, tickets to BOAMBF events are FREE. Contact the library to book your place.