Ever wondered what on earth a BOAMBF could be? Well it happens just once a year in Bradford on Avon Library. It’s totally free. It’s a bit like an all day imagining, creating and making party, and it looks an awful lot like this.


and Danny McGee!
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Neal gets put through his paces by the audience
Michelle Robinson samples some space food (and dances at the same time)
Emma Read contemplates her new spider’s web
and collects a few new tenants for it
Some friends for Milton the Mighty!
Jasbinder Bilan gives a dramatic reading
and everyone gets busy making spirit birds
They’re about to fly!
Looking at new writing with Alex Campbell and Sophie Kirtley. They’re clearly impressed!
Amazing new books
Hilarious new books
Lots of laughing
Signing up for the Summer Reading Challenge Space Chase! (You can still do that, remember!)
And as if that wasn’t enough there was loads and loads of making…
…facilitated by the wondrous Ian McKay aka Ian the Toymaker
Oh, did someone leave their two-headed, three-mouthed, shaggy-haired blue foam frothing alien behind? Not to worry, we’ll look after her until next year!

Thank you so much to Jo and her team at the library, Carole from Ex Libris bookshop, Chicken House Books, and all the volunteer authors who gave their time and energy (and lettuces) and made BOAMBF possible once again this year.

And special thanks to Rachel Ward for being our Resident Roving Official Photographer!