A Book Party fit for Matilda!


Good old Facebook is showing us memories of our first Mini Book Festival two years ago when Jeremy Strong came along and we basically book partied all day long.

And now we’re going again, for a third time, and we’re putting the final touches to our preparations – bagging up some choice craft materials from the Wiltshire Scrapstore to make dressing up costumes for miniature paper dads, and customised comfort blankets for imaginary babies. We’re cutting out the final templates for the books that children will write themselves, we’re filling the library foyer with cornstarch packing peanuts (because reasons), we’re buying coffee and snacks for our guest authors, David Solomons and Gill Lewis, and our visiting editor, Kes Lupo, and we’re choosing yummy sweets and chocolate prizes for the Book Cover Quiz.

We’re planning to have a ball. Come and join in. This Saturday in BOA Library from 10.00am. It’s all about books and stories, creativity and fun. And it’s going to be better than ever and it’s FREE!

We’re quite sure Matilda would approve., especially since we’ll be reading her story all afternoon.


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Dads in Blankets

If your children like getting stuck into craft then the Bradford on Avon Mini Book Festival on 15th July is the place for you. You can dress up a dad with Maudie Smith at 10.00am, or mess up a blanket with Angie Morgan at 11.00am.  Dads and blankets both provided! In fact why don’t you dress up a dad with Maudie and then put him in his  own blanket with Angie? Sorted!

And if you just want to do craft all day long, you can! Join Ian Mckay and Fleur Hitchcock who will be in the library foyer helping you make and bring to life a whole menagerie of animals – out of this mysterious stuff….


And that’s only the craft. There are books too, and stories, and quizzes, authors to meet, and book-making  and writing workshops. There are books to buy as well, but everything else is absolutely free!

Check out the Events here.

Contact the library on 01225 863280 or email bradfordlibrary@wiltshire.gov.uk for booking details.

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Animal Agents

animal agent

When we ran the first BOAMBF in 2015 we knew exactly where and when we wanted to run it. In the Library, on the first weekend of The Summer Reading Challenge.

Our festival is full of activity: crafts and quizzes, puzzles and talks, writing, workshopping, storytelling, and even chocolate. But it’s mainly about books. It’s about encouraging children into the library and showing them how exciting books can be. Here are the titles chosen by the Reading Agency for this year’s Challenge. From Superpigs to Barking Badgers, from Dave Pigeon to Inspector Flytrap, from fact books to funny books, LiBEARians to Dancing Frogs – there’s something for everyone.


And with a theme like Animal Agents, who better to tempt along to the festival than Gill Lewis who knows, loves and writes so wonderfully about animals – and the humans who live alongside them. Gill will be talking about her series for younger children, Puppy Academy. If you look closely you might find a Puppy Academy book in the collection above.


You can pop into the festival at any time on Saturday 15th July. It’s all FREE. To book your place to see Gill call Bradford on Avon Library on 01225 863280 or email: Bradfordlibrary@wiltshire.gov.uk

And to find out more about The Summer Reading Challenge and how it works, check out this trailer.



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Free workshops for young writers!

There are some great writing workshops on offer at the festival this year, all run by our specialist team of experienced, published, and very clever authors. And what’s more,  thanks to our generous sponsors, they’re all absolutely FREE!

Children of 7+ can join Alex Campbell & Angie Morgan and invent a story adventure and put it in their own Mini Book to take home.

And if crime is up your street, sign up for  Rachel Ward‘s crime-writing workshop which is for anyone over the age of 12 (and yes, that does include adults!)

All events are held in Bradford on Avon Library on Saturday 15th July and you can find all the details here. Remember to book though because we only have so many places.



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And for the Minniest of Festival-goers…

There’s so much going on at the Bradford on Avon Mini Book Festival, but what’s on for the youngest family members?

We have several events that are just right for children of 3 and up. You could choose to see Angie Morgan introduce her new picture book, THAT IS ACTUALLY MY BLANKET, BABY!

Meet Maudie Smith for some dressing up fun with THE DRESSING-UP DAD

Or children of 4+ can join guest author Gill Lewis for all the news about the puppies in PUPPY ACADEMY.

All the times and details for these bookable FREE events are here.

Saturday 15th July could also be the very best moment to introduce children who are going to Big School next term to the Summer Reading Challenge. BOA Library users  of 4+ can sign up for the Challenge and take out their first reading books for the long summer holiday.

Hope to see you on the 15th.  Remember, events are free but you need to reserve a place.

Continue reading

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Matilda – Listen & Draw at Bradford on Avon Library

MatildaStop press! We’ve added another event to our Programme of Events for Saturday 15th July.

From 12.00pm you can listen to a relay reading of Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Come and lounge around on beanbags while our authors read to you, you can dip in and out of the story as you please.

And if you like drawing while you listen, there’ll be pens and paper for you to illustrate scenes and characters from the story. What will you choose to draw? Miss Honey? Bruce Bogtrotter? That chocolate cake? The truly terrible Trunchbull? Or our heroine, Matilda herself? Take your drawing home at the end or hang it up in our Matilda Hall of Fame.

FREE for all. Accompanied adults may join in too – no Trunchbulls though, thank you!







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Minnie Festival reviews: That is actually MY blanket, Baby!

blanket baby


That is actually MY blanket, Baby! by Angie Morgan and Kate Alizadeh

Published by Little Tiger (July 2017)

Remember that lovely comforting snuggly blanket you had when you were little? I know I do. I took mine everywhere until it wore out and fell apart. But what would you do if your new baby brother took a fancy to your precious comfort blanket? That’s what happens to Bella in this heart-warming story from Angie Morgan.

Bella loves her new baby brother. When he cries she does her best to cheer him up with jokes, dances and tickles. But the only thing that will do the job is Bella’s tatty old blanket. The baby isn’t interested in his smart new blanket at all. Only Bella’s will do. So resourceful Bella sets about the job of making Baby’s blanket as mucky and glittery and sticky, and as indispensable as her own.

Dealing with a familiar topic, Angie’s tale is a triumph of love over sibling rivalry. This book will be a useful and friendly addition to any household where a new baby is on the way. Complemented by Kate’s warm and characterful illustrations it’s as cosy as a comfort blanket!

Review by Minnie Festival

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